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Located in Algonquin, Illinois, the team at Thermal Systems Services Inc. provides a variety of preventive maintenance services to keep your system at peak performance at all times to maximize your operating dollar. Our experienced field engineers are familiar with all types of combustion systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Our system engineers will come to your site to perform a complete preventive maintenance inspection. Once complete, we'll prepare a detailed report for your records.

Maintenance Contracts

We can provide your company with a maintenance contract for annual, semi-annual, or quarterly services to ensure a limited downtime for your system.


We can perform required, regularly-scheduled system bake-outs for RTOs to remove the condensable organics on the cold face supports that can reduce your systems operations as well as many and other types of maintenance procedures.


We can provide supervisory services or arrange for complete process testing services for any government-required Title V testing. Our aftermarket service company contracts the most qualified, experienced companies in the industry for compliance testing or source testing.

Utility Use Inspection

We can provide timely utility usage analyses for plant evaluation of cost-saving utility measures.


Our crew can source spare parts or replacement parts for almost any type of equipment.


Rely on our engineers to provide detailed diagnostic reports for any type of equipment.

Contact us in Algonquin, Illinois, for more information regarding our maintenance services.