An aftermarket service company serving the air pollution control industry for all your thermal oxidizer needs.

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TSS supplies engineering services for the repair of your system. Services include mechanical AND electrical/controls review and evaluation. TSS can affect repairs on any part of your system, from severe structural and media problems, to ductwork and insulation problems, to electrical and controls problems.

Maintenance & Inspections

Maintenance inspections and system tune-ups can save these companies money even in the short run. For example a system that whose combustion system may be un-tuned could waste up to $20,000 annually in fuel costs alone. A plant with a 400hp motor operating below maximum capacity could save over $100,000 annually by installing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

RTO Service

RTO bakeouts or "burnouts" on systems whose process conditions dictate such a feature require that the systems be baked out regularly to maintain performance and reduce costly energy consumption. An RTO whose pressure drop increases by 2” w.c. per bed over a year can cost the company over $40,000 annually in electrical costs as well as reduced destruction efficiency due to exhaust entrainment of built up condensable organics.

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