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Major system upgrades on RTO's include a media change out with low pressure drop media to increase the system capacity by as much as 20% or to reduce the operating pressure by 40%. In this upgrade the older random packed media is completely removed. New low pressure drop Heat Recovery Media (HRM) is installed in the same recovery chambers. On a system that has a 400HP motor, a media changeout could potentially save $140,000 annually.

In addition we now offer Silica Resist formulation that has over 2 years operating with little or no silica buildup. Installations of this new media include wastewater treatment and printing facilities.


Another major RTO upgrade is installing catalytic media. In this instance only one foot of standard media is removed. This is replaced with one foot of catalytic coated media especially formulated for VOC's. The RTO's combustion chamber then only need to bring the operating temperature of the inlet gasses to 800aF, not 1500aF. This results in s substantial fuel savings, even in a 95% thermally efficient system. A system review of the inlet gas constituents is required to investigate the presence of any catalyst poisoning or masking compounds. An RTO retrofitted with catalyst can save $100,000 annually offering only a three year Return on Investment.

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